Monday, March 4, 2013

My First Attempt at Blogging...and joining Org Junkie's 31 Day Organizational Challenge!

I have finally decided to tackle an extra room which has had a couple of uses over the ten years I've lived in my home. The first was a playroom for my daughter whom was 9 when we moved in. But as she grew older, it got used less for this and more of a dumping ground. Then when my daughter was 13 she asked if she could use that room as her bedroom. There are two bedrooms upstairs: my room and hers which is the 8' by 10' with a closet the size of a door. The room downstairs was larger and I had no problem with her moving down there. Only problem is the room is in the basement so no there is no natural light. After a year of being in the basement, my daughter decided to move back upstairs! The room then because her 'dressing room' (basically it again became a dumping ground). 

This is a large amount of space going to waste. When my 18 almost 19 year old daughter moves out, the space will be used as a guest room (once I save for a spare bed) and storage space. 

First, the pictures of what the room currently looks like:

Next step: Planning....

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